Ref gargoyle





Average Height


Average Weight

15-3,000 lbs

Life Span



Aensdoun, Dreamsong, Schalle, Hel

Despite a dark reputation granted them due to their tendency to turn up in service to vampires and viadante, gargoyles are not malevolent creatures--just simple-minded ones.

Elementals with ties both in the earth and air, gargoyles are born from stone which faces the sun. No one is entirely certain what prompts the transformation, only that any rock is fair game; gargoyles have sprung to life from small stones broken away from mountains as often as from cut and polished granite bricks seated atop ancient castles.

Gargoyles come in all sizes. All are equipped with powerful forearms and massive claws and jaws that can cleave through solid rock, as well as a pair of great, ornately-decorated wings. They are made of stone, and yet--for reasons no researcher, magician or scientist has ever discovered-- are wholly capable of flight. Gargoyles love high perches and good company; the creatures are prone to congregating in flocks in the highest places they can reach. Their speech is the slow rumble of tumbling rocks, and no gargoyle has ever seen fit to learn to speak a different language, though they come to understand the prattling of excitable flesh-creatures just fine.

Despite their physiology, gargoyles are immensely fond of meat, and will swiftly gobble down any corpse they find, bones and all. It is not known if such things are necessary for the creatures' survival, but it is unlikely as they never actively hunt. It is an easy feat to earn a gargoyle's favor; simply offer it food.

It is said that an ancient Aeneski ritual could coax rock to transform into gargoyles, but the secrets of that magic are long-lost, if it ever existed.

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