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Valenth has recently implemented an inventory system with several different items, that change the status of an adoptable or a "trinket" to decorate its information page.

Aether's Apothecary and Assortment:

  • Alchemy Stones (stops development on any adoptable)
  • Identity Distortion Collar (changes the name of any adoptable)
  • Elevelixir (adds a random number of levels to any adoptable)
  • Mortality Dew (reverses effects of Alchemy Stone)
  • Essence of Mars/Venus (turns an adoptable into male/female, respectively)

Trinkets can be bought and are sometimes awarded by factions:

  • Varanius Doll
  • Brocade Leupak Doll
  • Clockwork Field-Journal (Awarded for being a member of the Somnabulist Project and proud)
  • Ancient Phoenix Fetish (Awarded for being a member of the Firestarters and proud)
  • Dreamshard (Awarded for being a member of the Silent Rose and proud)
  • Elegant Pinion (Awarded for being a member of the Court and proud)
  • Clockwork Goggles (Awarded for entering a valid contest entry)
  • Frozen Erosion Bauble (Awarded to every user that was registered at 2. March)
  • 1st Anniversary Cake (Given to every user that claimed the Item around the anniversary time of Valenth)

Aether's Travel Agency: In addition, players can "book" trips to exotic places of Valenth to put up a background for their pet. These include:

  • Dreamsong Plains
  • Dreamsong Forest
  • Deep Cavern
  • Boralion Cavern
  • Gier City
  • Laps-du-ment Garden
  • Clear Background
  • Clockwork Catwalk
  • Fields of Aensdoun
  • Circular Frame
  • Red/Indigo/Burgundy/Black/Amber/Orange/Emerald/Teal/Pearl Royal Pillow
  • Silent Rose/Firestarter/Somnambulist Project/Court Emblem
  • Burgundy/Red/Black/Blue/Gold/White Love-Hearts

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