Sentient Monster


Logos, Kaelic, Aengoch

Average Height


Average Weight

400-600 lbs.

Life Span

35 years



Resembling a monstrous lion with a scaly, ridged back and vaguely humanoid face, a manticore is the result of a pairing between a chimaera and a human or an elf. Manticores have no ability to shapeshift like their chimaera parent and, though self aware, are incapable of speech. As having a manticore child is a mark of deep shame to chimaera families, most manticores are abused by their chimaera parent and sold off at the earliest opportunity as an exotic pet to someone with more money than sense.

The only difference between a manticore with a chimaera mother and one with a human or elvan mother is the method of birth. Chimaera lay eggs, humans and elves have live births.