aka: Provenance, The Great Mother

Opus is the mother of the three dragonflights, the Boralion, the Erosion, and the Flarion. She is a large black dragon, currently rumored to spend her time asleep. It is also rumored that her location is the same as the Fatis Mirajin. While she sleeps, she finds the troubled thoughts of others, capturing these thoughts, and turning them into a harmless chicklet. She apparently does this simply because she is a kind soul and wishes to ease others' distress. These chicklets must stay within a certain radius of Opus or they cease to exist. The chicklet adoptables were created as a gift by Dr. Dreamscar based upon Opus' chicklets.

In recent events, a disturbance to the Fatis Mirajin caused Opus to wake up. She was seen by many people flying over the continent of Dreamsong. Eventually ending her trip in Aensdoun, there she, Dr. Dreamscar, and Bastion confronted an unexpected character. This character called himself the true Lord of Dreams, and is named Vagary. Vagary called Opus an "Elysian" and the last of her kind. Exactly who or what the Elysians were is still a mystery.

"As for the Great Mother...those of you who are familiar with her, know her as The Provenance. She is the Queen of all prime dragons, but she watches over every soul who needs a gentle, loving presence." -Lyric'ai

"On the behalf of my mother; her role is perhaps the simplest of all.I am her child by blood, but she is the mother of All. By her benevolence and care, she and her flight seek to ensure that no one is ever truly alone." - Lyric'ai

"She more or less lives beside the Mirajin, and one could argue that she is perhaps the most or least affected by it, given your point of view. She is almost always in a state of sleep, and... hmm. This is complicated, given that we've only been able to piece this together through the reactions of others. Perhaps it is simply best to remember that much of this is speculation - we're fairly sure that we're right, but without the awareness of our mother...
...In her dreams, Opus has found a means via the Mirajin to seek people out, drawn to them by their negative thoughts or distress. People often talk of a dark, vaguely reptilian shape in the back of their minds, or of a gentle, soothing presence when they feel most alone or tormented inside. Her mothering instinct reaches out to these people, settles them... and takes that misery away. In doing so, a chicklet is born." -
Lady Marquise

Opus rising small

Opus flying over Gier

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