Talstags are a rare species of deer, once used as mounts by the Aeneski. The talstag is a normal adoptable.

The talstag is a deer, it's fur a dark brown and dull cream in colour. The beta form largely resembles a small fawn with dark fur and lighter markings. The natural omega form is similar to the beta form, though its fur appears lighter, and it possesses an impressive set of antlers. The vital omega is largely white and silver in colour, although otherwise is fairly similar to the natural. The tainted form, however, is a light purple in colour, its antlers seeming to have been completely replaced by mirajinoid crystal. The tainted form also possesses a crystalline horn and spurs on its hocks.

In-Game Information Edit

"An endangered species of deer. They were once prized as mounts by the Aeneski."

Evolution Edit

Talstag forms

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