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Average Height

6'-8' (180-240 cm)

Average Weight

130-200 lbs (60-90 kg)

Life Span



Hel, Lucsus, Dreamsong

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Viadante are the Immortal lords of the dark, even moreso than their Vampire children.

Colloquially known as "nightstalkers", they are tall, gargoyle-like creatures who make every move with a flourish and a noble air.

Viadante are not true Gargoyles any more than they are true vampires; sunlight has little effect on them, though they are nocturnal and tend to bed as the sun rises, and while one may perch upon the side of a building, they are not prone to turning to stone, though they can hold perfectly still for short periods of time.

Despite their hunger for mortal souls, urban viadante know well the limitations a life on the high street involves, and take precautions to ensure their victims are trivial or easily forgotten. Many viadante employ small bands of vampires and gargoyles to hunt for them, devouring the soul while the lesser creatures respectively sup upon the blood and flesh, leaving nothing.

Viadante often discreetly rule areas of a city through their vampire minions; these may believe themselves the princes of a domain as much as their underlings do, but only the shadows that play behind them know the truth.

Rumor states that vampires are the result of a viadante's cursed kiss. As the soul of a victim slowly withers away, the viadante's dark power may flow in to fill the emptiness left behind, and a vampire is born. Many viadante refuse to make vampires of their victims, as the new vampire irrevocably inherits a fraction of that viadante's power.