The xxaltidis are a species of cave-dwelling spider, given to the people of Valenth by the Enxiryixx as a peace offering. The xxaltidis is a Normal adoptable.

The beta form of the xxaltidis is a small brown spider at rest, its legs striped with a lighter brown and two pale spots on its abdomen. The natural omega form of this adoptable greatly resembles the beta, but larger and slightly darker in colour. The vital omega is a light blue in colour, with silver and dull pink accents, while the tainted is pink and black, with silver and blue accents.

In-game Description Edit

"The Xxaltidis, or blushing cave-spider, is an arachnid native to subterranean Dreamsong. The Enxiryixx breed them as pets, and have given these to the surface-dwellers as a peace offering!"

Evolution Edit

Xxaltidis forms

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